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Cathay Pacific Endorses ELB

 Cathay Pacific has been a loyal, long-standing customer operating ULTRAMAIN M&E software for over 18 years. Cathay began their paperless journey with ELB in 2014. Since then, Cathay has successfully operated full-time airborne connectivity for flight deck and cabin crews. In 2017, with the advent of ULTRAMAIN ELB mobile, Cathay elected to upgrade, and have successfully completed their rollout to all fleet types.

We asked about the Cathay team about their fleet-wide ELB experience. The benefits reach across many areas within the organization, including business, environmental, operational and compliance.  With ELB, Ultramain has been able help Cathay achieve their digitization vision, reduce fuel and paper usage, streamline numerous processes, and achieve better levels of dispatch reliability.

The ELB, together with in-flight connectivity, made it possible for engineers to meet the aircraft on arrival with a comprehensive knowledge of all inbound defects and has allowed them to ensure all required parts and material are on hand for quick resolution of many defect and this has contributed towards increased levels of customer satisfaction.” Phillipe Christol, Head of Technical Services, Cathay Pacific Limited

Thank you Cathay for trusting our products to deliver improved efficiencies and cost savings.

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