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ULTRAMAIN® ELB™ Available for Windows

In mid-June 2020, Ultramain Systems launched ULTRAMAIN ELB for Windows following excellent feedback from our iOS customers, and demand from Windows users. Ultramain’s ELB Windows version operates with the same instinctive usability features as the iOS version, which has been in production use for many years. This provides interoperability across platforms which is essential for customers who wish to utilize devices on both operating systems on the same aircraft (interactively), or for airlines using iOS who may have MRO providers using Windows.

ELB v2 incorporates beauty and easy-to-use functionality with intelligent data entry support that greatly minimizes pilot, cabin crew and maintenance workload. ULTRAMAIN ELB enables flight crews to easily find accurate fault codes, thereby improving accuracy, reducing trouble shooting and simplifying analysis. Additionally, both versions, are capable of integrating with all Spec2000 Ch 17 compliant M&E systems, with current integrations with a number of M&E / Space / MRO systems.