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Ultramain Systems to Provide Technical Log Software for Boeing

ALBUQUERQUE — February 22, 2012 — Ultramain Systems, Inc. (USI) and the Boeing Company have announced they have finalized an agreement under which Boeing will provide ULTRAMAIN® efbTechLogs™ software to support their offering of Electronic LogBook for Boeing aircraft.

The aircraft technical log is one of the most highly-regulated documents in the airline industry. Until the advent of efbTechLogs, aircraft technical logs were paper-based. efbTechLogs replaces the traditional paper technical log with a fully electronic log that operates on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) hardware located onboard aircraft.

Ultramain Systems achieved an industry-first with efbTechLogs when, in 2008, the software was introduced as the first paperless technical log software to receive regulatory authorization for onboard use with connected EFB (Class 2 and Class 3 EFB).

“This agreement benefits the industry as a whole,” said USI President Mark McCausland. “The increased availability of efbTechLogssoftware accelerates the automation of a complex and critical aspect of aircraft maintenance. It increases timeliness and data quality pertaining to defect reporting which increases flight safety while at the same time reducing maintenance delays. We believe that the paperless tech log will be as indispensable to airlines as ticketing kiosks are today.”

“Ultramain Systems has demonstrated their ability to produce excellent quality software solutions in this emerging area,” said Pat Harper, Electronic Flight Bag Program Manager at Boeing. “We are pleased that this relationship will help us continue to provide our customers with quality, high value solutions.