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Vueling selects ULTRAMAIN® ELB™ for Paperless Operations

Barcelona, Spain – December 11, 2023– Vueling Airlines, one of the main low-cost airlines in Europe and a key player in connections with Spain, has selected Ultramain Systems market leading electronic logbook software. ULTRAMAIN ELB fully replaces the aircraft paper technical log, cabin log, journey log and fueling logs providing a validated electronic Certificate of Release to Service (e-CRS).

Upon implementation, Vueling’s Flight Crews will operate ULTRAMAIN ELB for Windows on mounted EFBs, while Mechanics and Cabin crew will use the iOS version on iPad. The iOS and Windows applications are interoperable linking to a common Ground System. Vueling will realize an abundance of benefits upon implementation of ULTRAMAIN ELB, including real-time, comprehensive operational visibility for their fleet of over 120 Airbus aircraft. This will lead to enhanced dispatch reliability, reduced operational disruptions, shorter defect lifecycle time,  and reductions in component management costs.

According to Marc Espuga, Head of Fleet Technical Management, “Vueling was born digital, so our partnership with ULTRAMAIN ELB perfectly matches our vision of becoming a more efficient and sustainable airline. The fact that we can now handle several documents digitally is both time-saving and much more aligned with our sustainability goals. With real-time data management, we can achieve a paperless aircraft, which helps to streamline our operations and reduce the weight of the aircraft and therefore fuel consumption and emissions, and also reduce waste”.

“We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Vueling as part of the ULTRAMAIN ELB family, and we are equally excited to broaden our customer reach into Spain. We are enthusiastic about supporting Vueling in their commitment to sustainability and reduction of environmental impacts. Use of ULTRAMAIN ELB has successfully eliminated paper on more than 2 million sectors flown by our customer airlines, and we eagerly anticipate Vueling realizing these benefits,” said Mark McCausland – President and CEO of Ultramain Systems.

About Vueling Airlines

Vueling, born as a digital native company in 2004 and part of the International Airlines Group (IAG), is one of the main low-cost airlines in Europe and a key player in connections with Spain. Vueling is a leading brand at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, and in other important markets such as the city of Bilbao and the market between mainland Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands. In addition, Vueling strengthens its commitment with international consolidation in bases such as London Gatwick, Paris Orly, Amsterdam and Florence.

Vueling offers direct flights to 89 destinations in 27 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and facilitates connections to more than 20 long-haul destinations through codeshare agreements with other airlines. Vueling is committed to ensure connectivity within Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. 

In terms of sustainability, the company’s commitment to the environment is paramount. IAG, the airline’s parent company, has committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the implementation of the FlightPath Net Zero programme, and to operate 10% of its flights with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030.     

About Ultramain Systems

Serving aviation industries worldwide for more than 40 Years, Ultramain Systems is dedicated to providing our customers worldwide with SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS Aviation Maintenance software products and professional services.

ULTRAMAIN ELB – the market leading electronic logbook software is approved for paperless by regulatory authorities  worldwide.  ULTRAMAIN ELB and eLine Checks operate on mobile or installed devices providing real-time integration with airline and MRO systems.

ULTRAMAIN M&E / MRO software offers comprehensive functionality, innovative features, and has been approved by regulatory authorities around the world for line, base, and overhaul operations as the paperless maintenance system of record. Ultramain Systems & Ultramain International maintain offices in the USA, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and India. For more information about ULTRAMAIN®, please visit, send an inquiry to, or call 1.505.828.9000.